A diet plan, which is personalised, sustainable and result-oriented, is exactly what you need to achieve your ideal weight goals.


There is NO “one diet suit all” formula. A human body is complex – complex in structure, functionality and no one solution works to the same effect on the other. This holds true for your diet.


On so many occasions, when we see an obese person, our default opinion is to think, “Why is this person not serious about their health?”, “why is this person so lazy?” More often than not, this is not the case. Your genes, lifestyle, hormone imbalances and even viruses play a role in obesity.


Nutrition Defined weight management program, offers an integrated solution thriving on latest research, practices, your medical history and lifestyle offering food as a solution to achieve sustainable goals.


  • Customised food plans based on your work timings, travel schedule , availability of ingredients,allergies etc.
  • Blood Report Analysis
  • Weekly Sessions with Ridhima
  • Chat support for all your real time doubts between 10am to 6pm
  • Multiple check-ins
  • Food Diary
  • Virtual Pantry Makeover
  • How to Eat Out, Menu Navigation
  • Healthy Recipe Guide
  • Maintenance Guide