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1.Are there any programmes for thyroid, high blood pressure patients and those with other ailments?

Yes, we do have a programme named NutriHeal Programme that caters to all the people with metabolic disorders, IBS, gluten and lactose intolerance. Medical Adjunct Programme works to set individual health goals and create a step-by-step plan on how to achieve them and to help ease the related symptoms.

2. Is weight loss guaranteed?
Weight loss depends on many factors not just diet and exercise. When you lose weight, it means that you are eating right, eating carefully, exercising regularly and have no genetic or medical roadblock that is preventing you from dropping those kilos. Depending on the client’s lifestyle and diligence in following weight loss programme.

3. How much weight loss can I expect ?
Weight loss depends on many health pillars like stress , hormone imbalance, diet , exercise and etc. According to WHO guidelines, a healthy weight loss is always on a bracket of 2-4kgs/ month depending on current lifestyle, medical condition and determination. Nutrition Defined programmes consider the root cause of the problem and works upon them so that the foundation is strong.

4. How can I schedule my consultation call ?
That’s very simple. You can simple go on the services section on the website and choose your desired programme that you feel is best suited for you. Scroll down to click on the “schedule your consultation call” icon to select your preferred date and time. ( Sync the link here)

5. What if I’m a vegetarian?
No problem. All the diet plans are customised as per client’s preference. So, at the time of the first session post enrolling do complete the questionnaire so that a customised vegetarian meal plans will be designed for you.

Absolutely! I love collaborating with like-minded individuals and conscious companies to create and share beauty in this world. Please email me.

7. Do I ever ‘cheat’?
To be honest, I really don’t like the phrase ‘cheat’ meals: you’re not cheating, you are just eating something that you don’t normally eat. Working towards removing the negative feelings of guilt, addiction and cravings that often surround food is much harder when the language we use seems to just reinforce it. So that being said, yes, of course I do enjoy my sangria with a portion of  French fries.

With my clients, I often find that it helps them if I verbally give them ‘permission’ to eat whatever they fancy one evening a week. It is amazing how quickly their choices change once they start eating more healthfully – after a couple of weeks, they just don’t want to have a blow-out, because they now can feel how negatively it affects them the next day.


If you are struggling with cutting down sugar (those cravings can be really strong), then having some healthier alternatives up your sleeve can make resisting the nutritionally empty options a bit easier. A word of warning though – if you are trying to lose weight, do watch your portion sizes very carefully!

8. Do I need to cut out wheat and gluten?
Again, that is a very personal decision. Clearly, if you have been diagnosed with Celiac disease, then it is very important to steer well clear of gluten – in fact, that is the main goal of managing the condition.

9. How recent should the medical reports that I submit to get a diet be?
The more recent the better for an up to date understanding of your current medical profile. We do not accept reports of tests done more than 3 months ago ( from the date of your appointment / start of subscription ).

10. What if I’m allergic to certain foods?
No problem. Just mention that on the questionnaire and that will be taken into account when your meal plan is being designed. Please be as specific about your allergies as you can.