Blood sugar (Glucose) is in abundance in the human body and the sugar levels vary throughout the day. Maintaining normal blood sugar levels is an important to avoiding long-term health issues like dizziness, fainting, inflammation in blood vessels & nerves, weakening of eyesight, cardiovascular health, kidney failure etc.


Nutrition Defined slays the myths surrounding diabetes and food, its impact on your health and body. With the right personalised nutritional approach, Nutrition Defined will help you manage your Diabetes, weight gain, its symptoms and maintain an active healthy lifestyle.


  • Customised food plans based on your work timings, travel schedule , availability of ingredients,allergies etc.
  • Blood Report Analysis
  • Weekly Sessions with Ridhima
  • Chat support for all your real time doubts between 10am to 6pm
  • Multiple check-ins
  • Food Diary
  • Virtual Pantry Makeover
  • How to Eat Out, Menu Navigation
  • Healthy Recipe Guide
  • Maintenance Guide