Dietitian, Founder & CEO

Ridhima Batra, CDE, SSN


I believe healthy eating is the foundation to vitality and well-being – and everyone has the power to create a healthy lifestyle for themselves.

My journey in understanding how food affects well being began as a student of biochemistry where I studied physiochemical processes, which helped me understand deeper relationships of micro and macronutrients in our bodies. I then began to further my knowledge in nutrition by specialising in therapeutics, weight management and sports nutrition.

I firmly believe that there is no one-track approach to achieving a healthy lifestyle.

“When working with clients, I don’t take a “my way or the high way” approach.”

I recognise that each person is dynamic with different lifestyles and the diet should complement exactlythat. A holistic endeavour that needs to be started keeping in mind a person’s unique needs. Also, Ibelieve people should have access to the education they need to support their health in order to makesmall changes at a time — an ambitious goal, but one that’s a priority for us.

I provide confidential, individual nutrition advice to meet your lifestyle and requirements, whether youare looking for weight loss programmes or a specific diet plan to manage a medical condition.

My food philosophy is about teaching you how to listen and honor your body by focusing on the bestnutrient-dense food nature has to offer and this translates into my work and vision at Nutrition Defined.Nutrition Defined programs can help you master meal planning, reset digestion, manage health concernsthrough diet and lifestyle.

‘When we learn about our bodies, we have the power to change the way we feel.’

If you’re looking for a system that feels sustainable, a method that moves with the ebb and flow of your life, and feel amazing, then I’m happy you’re here. I believe you’ve just met your community, yourpractice, and hopefully your guide (yours truly!).

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As much as we’re a digital company and our offerings are virtual, I actually don’t spend as much time onsocial media as you might think! Social media is a great way to see what you’re up to in the community,but we all know it can be a big time-suck and we have a life to live and habits to practice!

I’m so grateful for you to be part of our community and to meet you — I’m excited about your healthjourney and ours ahead!

In gratitude and good vibes,

xx, Ridhima

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